Web site design
Site maintenance
Site and provider setup (we are not an ISP)
Image manipulation
Digital photography
Internet & print integration
Pre-press & print production

We believe that we can offer web site advice, design and a complete maintenance service.

Because of our extensive backgrounds in graphic design, typography, printing and web development we have the tools and know-how to advise you of the best way to approach and present your Internet needs.

We will advise if it is feasible to carry over your existing corporate image to the Internet or if it is better to take a new direction. We also understand that it is important to keep sites simple and easy to navigate, and will consult on the best way to present your information.

As we are not an ISP, we have an independent view and can arrange an Internet connection through any number of providers. We can best advise on the size and type of provider for your needs.

We can establish all forms of interactive forms and if required secure e-commerce. This is a highly specialised area and is constantly under review by us.

We believe that by combining our services we are in the unique position of being able to provide a total corporate image.

Please contact us for any further information.

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