david harmon

Web Site Design and Maintenance:

Consultation with clients, preparation of preliminary material, design of site, supply of draft printouts (proofs), preparation of final material, client approval, site testing off-line, uploading of data to site, and ongoing maintenance.

Graphic Design/Graphic Reproducer (Trade):

Encompassing all aspects of pre-print preparation including artwork, page layout, plate making, film combining, camera operation, job or work flow control, colour proof preparation, stock control and proof reading.


Currently operate Macintosh and PC platforms, using the Microsoft Office suite of programs, Dreamweaver, other HTML Editors, CGI scripting, Coreldraw, Pagemaker, Photoshop, QuarkXpress, Illustrator and Freehand. Previous experience with specialised CAD systems.

Communication Skills:

Explaining technical requirements to clients and non-technical staff in a manner that demystifies the process or system. Negotiating with clients to ensure the product meets their requirements. Preparing regular production status reports and correspondence.

Customer Service:

Attaining high levels of customer satisfaction through solving problems involving client expectations and the form of media being used, by designing alternative material or determining the most cost effective method of production.

Occupational Health & Safety Consultant:

Conducting workplace inspections, consulting with clients, preparation of reports, preparation of policies and procedures, developing systems for record keeping and training, conducting training sessions.

Risk Management :

Conducting inspections that encompasses fire, security and risk assessments for the insurance industry, preparation of final reports for the insurance underwriters..

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